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:: DeathHouse Events ::

Events start at 5.30pm EST / 10.30pm GMT
They continue on for 2.5 - 3 hrs aprox

    MON: Abyssea

    TUE: Abyssea

    WED: Alt. Day (Day Off, Abyssea, Dynamis)

    THU: Abyssea

    FRI: Abyssea

    SAT: Alt. Day (Day Off, Abyssea, Dynamis)

    SUN: Day Off

Those marked in brackets are alternatives that may occur on those days depending on demand from LS members or buyers

*Alternate events can consist of the following for example:
Ouryu (to prepare for Bv2)
Bahamut V.2
KS99 (members decide which)
Random Pop NMs (RPumps, Swift belt etc)
Abyssea (NM or exp runs)

We are an active social Linkshell. Which within our members, we have groups dedicated to Nyzul, Salvage, ENMs, static exps among other activities. We are always looking for skilled and experienced player willing to join our LS. Including those who wish to learn more ways of our events and put in the time and effort to have fun and be rewarded.

Is DH the home for you?

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