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Apocalypse - Goshtin

Item Status

Relic Scythe

    Dynamis - Bastok: Obtained
Memento Scythe

    Relic Scythe: Obtained
    Mammoth Tusk: Obtained
    Manticore Leather: Obtained
    Rainbow Obi: Obtained
Dynamis Scythe

    Memento Scythe: Obtained
    Scythe: Obtained
    Bone Scythe: Obtained
    Death Scythe: Obtained
Bec de Faucon

    Dynamis Scythe: Obtained
    Attestation Of Vigor: Obtained

    Bec de Faucon: Obtained
    Necropsyche: Obtained
    Tenebrous Fragment: Obtained

Currency Status

Relic Scythe
Memento Scythe

    Tukuku Whiteshell: 500/500
Dynamis Scythe

    Ordelle Bronzepiece: 1600/1600
Bec de Faucon

    1 Byne Bill: 6,000/6,000

    Tukuku Whiteshell: 7,000/7,000

Apocalypse Completed: 14th March 2009
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